About Us

Who we are

Mandala Capital is a private equity firm focused on long term and sustainable investments across the food value chain in India and South East Asia. We partner with visionary promoters and management by providing complete financial and operational support to enhance their operational value and help companies achieve sustained leadership in their sectors.

Our Mission

To grow industry-leading agriculture, food and food related companies

To deliver superior returns to our investors

To create a dynamic work environment for our team

Our Strategy

Identify companies in the agribusiness, food, and food-related consumer sectors which are scalable and have a sustainable competitive advantage. Establish the right partnerships to create regional, national and global sector champions.

Our Approach

We are focused in our research. This results in stronger conviction, a better diligence process and greater understanding of the right business valuation.

We look beyond the spreadsheet to form strong relationship networks. We understand family-run companies. We are partners in both good and challenging times.

We are innovative and creative in deal structuring, and have the ability to invest across the capital structure to provide complete solutions.

We have a deep understanding of our sectors, allowing us to add value post-investment with a focus on efficiency, capacity and governance.