Mandala Edge

Proprietary Engine

Mandala Capital’s proprietary engine drives our playbook. It is the backbone of the continuous improvement cycle across Funds I and II. This gives Mandala the ability to go beyond what the typical private equity firm assesses. Our engine is made up of four main gears which work conjointly to differentiate Mandala from its competitors.

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Sustainable and scalable impact through patented formulas and methodology
Data analytics, predictive systems and market mapping
Cultivating thought leadership and unique insights
Ability to commercialise tech in the real world

Mandala Capital is committed towards creating sustainable and scalable impact along the entire food chain. Read our annual impact reports to learn more about our approach and impact results.

Incubation for application of innovation x Ecosystem development x Value chain leadership x Hard and Soft technology innovation 

Developing matrix based on inputs from specialists, ranging from banks, consulting firms, research firms, investors, government regulatory bodies to technology firms and strategics. Mandala Analytics deals with the constant refinement of data analytics to support our thesis development.

Bringing together diverse investors and companies specialising in the food value chain. Mandala hosts networking events like the Food Future Funds Symposium.

Mandala’s team has over 100 years of experience, and a senior team of diverse expertise; we are the thought leaders in the Indian Agri investment sector.