Impact Report 2022:
Investing in a carbon reduced food value chain

At Mandala, we are focused on making scalable and sustainable investments in the food and agricultural sector in India and Southeast Asia.

We believe we have a critical role to play in harnessing the power of capital to not just to yield financial returns, but to also make a positive impact on the community around us, socially and environmentally.

The theme that we have chosen for our Impact Report this year is Combating Climate Change.

The topic of climate change is all the more relevant to Mandala given that it is inextricably linked to the food and agricultural sector. The relationship between food and climate change is no doubt a symbiotic one. It is clear that the transformation of the food value chain has a key role to play in not only adapting to climate change, but also mitigating climate change.

We are heartened to be able to make a real difference to climate change and we hope to continue working towards net zero emissions with our investee companies.