Emerging markets and growth, food trends and impact trends.

Our portfolio companies are leaders in their respective fields with strong pedigrees and reputations. Exceptional teams, process-driven, best practices and strong ESG performance are the values we rely on.

With the launch of Mandala Innovations, we can now support companies across their journey from pre-profitability to profitability, scale and consolidation.

Our portfolio companies collaborate and work with each other, helping growth and also greater impact across the entire ecosystem. Learnings from sub-sectors and geographies are applied across the portfolio to create better outcomes for all.


Our portfolio


Techcoop is an integrated financing platform that facilitates access to financing for smallholders’ farmers in Vietnam.

GreenSage Innovations

GreenSage Innovations converts palm waste, Copra Meal and Palm Kernal Cake, into DDGS similar to corn DDGS and ethanol through valorisation and fermentation processes using proprietary enzyme technology.

Arcadia Biosciences

Arcadia Biosciences develops and commercializes agricultural traits and products that bring value to growers, processors and consumers, while benefitting the environment and enhancing human health.

GK Cold Chain Solutions

GK Cold Chain is a full stack cold chain service provider that offers temperature-controlled logistics solutions with a growing network of cold warehouse facilities across India and an extensive fleet of more than 100 refrigerated vehicles, supported by IoT devices.

Godavari Biorefineries

Godavari Biorefineries produces sugar, other foods, biofuels, chemicals, power, compost, waxes, and related products using sugarcane as the primary feedstock.

Jain Irrigation Systems

Jain Irrigation Systems is the largest company in Asia in drip irrigation, and the second largest globally. Its subsidiaries are also engaged in food processing, tissue culture, and solar appliances.

Jain Farm Fresh Foods

Jain Farm Fresh Foods is the subsidiary of Jain Irrigation Systems engaged in food processing, including fruit pulps and concentrates, and dehydrated products.


EFRAC is one of the largest Integrated Food Testing and Research facilities in India set to be the leading food safety solution provider offering a wide range of technical advice and consultation to the Indian Food Industry.

Nutrition Technologies

Nutrition Technologies uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae to manufacture sustainable animal feed ingredients and biofertilisers through biotechnology and a zero-waste production model.


SAFL is the first private sector NBFC in India providing agri-loans with a wide and diverse range of financing options for almost every need of agricultural activity.


Keventer is a leading fast-moving consumer goods company based in eastern India with a wide range of packaged, dairy, and fresh food products spanning across various brands with more than 90 SKUs.