Buzzy Business: How A Singaporean Startup Is Turning Flies Into Farm Food

Founded in 2015, Nutrition Technologies processes black soldier fly larvae into supplements for animal feed and fertilizers. Its products include HiProtein, a protein powder for usage with pet food, aquatic feed, or feed for chickens and pigs, and Vitalis, a liquid fertilizer the startup claims can prevent fungal disease and improve plant health.

A Look at Godavari’s Integrated Biorefinery, the Largest in India

Godavari has tripled its ethanol production capacity over the past four years from 200,000 lpd in 2019 to 600,000 lpd today. Godavari’s ethanol production helps support India’s bid to achieve energy security, mitigate climate change and improve farmers’ incomes.

Combating Climate Change at Nutrition Technologies

Food waste is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Not only do black soldier flies help to bioconvert food waste into high quality animal feed ingredients and biofertilizers, they are also one of the most efficient producers of protein with minimal use of natural resources.

GK Cold Chain Solutions – Delivering the Future Today

GK Cold Chain Solutions is one of the top 5 integrated cold chain logistics provider in India. Using the latest technology, its cold warehouses and reefer trucks ensure the safety, freshness and quality of products delivered for businesses.

An Insight into Nutrition Technologies’ Black Soldier Fly Operations

Nutrition Technologies aims to develop a circular economy within the animal feed industry. Through the use of black soldier fly larvae and agricultural and food processing waste, it produces insectmeal for animal feed and pet food, as well as organic fertilizers. 

Keventer Produces Ad Promoting Tetra Pak UHT Milk

Our portfolio company Keventer has produced this ad to showcase their UHT Milk made using Tetra Pak’s aseptic processing and packaging technology. Keventer Milk offers consumers the highest standards of safety and nutrition by using the best-in-class technology that the world has to offer.

A Magnificent Tour of Keventer Agro’s State-of-the-Art UHT Factory

Keventer Agro produces Keventer Milk at Eastern India’s largest state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It is aseptically packaged using the most advanced UHT technology by Tetrapak and requires no boiling or chilling.

Barry Schiffman – Food and Agriculture Investor Meet Symposium

Barry Schiffman of Mandala Capital summarizes the key takeaways from the Food and Agriculture Investor Meet Symposium. 

SAFL – Community Impact

This video was produced by Mandala Capital’s portfolio company SAFL. It follows the story of a farmer from Kolhapur who has helped his community by making his resources available for other farmers, thereby ensuring development and growth of fellow farmers.

Godavari Biorefineries interviewed by Bio-based World News

Samir Somaiya, chairman of Mandala Portfolio company Godavari Biofineries Ltd, was interviewed by Bio-based World News at the World Bio Markets Conference in Amsterdam.

Metro Dairy

Produced by Metro Dairy, a subsidiary of Mandala Capital portfolio company Keventer Agro.

Water Is Life – Jain Farm Fresh

Produced by Mandala Capital portfolio company Jain Farm Fresh.